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New Man eMagazine
Vol 17 No 9 New Man eMagazine February 1, 2010
Your Brain on Porn: A Neuroscientist's View
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Have you ever wondered why pornography seems to hypnotize the male brain, or why it can override all logic, sometimes to the point of ruining a guy's life? William Struthers has the answers. A neuroscientist and professor at Wheaton College, Struthers has researched what goes on in the mind of a man when he looks at pornography. His findings are enlightening. Our conversation with him hit on a variety of topics, such as why porn seems to be worse for Christians than non-Christians. Don't miss this interview.

New Man: What goes on in a man's brain when he's looking at pornography?

Struthers: I think even before you answer that question you have to know a little bit about how a man's ...

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Chill! That's an Order
By Dave Meurer

My work periodically requires successive days of ludicrously long hours that far exceed the labor schedule authorized by the demented Pharaoh who once enslaved the Israelites. After the most recent string of such days, I staggered home to be greeted by my wife, Dale, who was dressed in a toga and proclaimed, "Let my people go!"

Fifteen years ago, it didn't really bother me to work three 16-hour days in a row. I could bound out of bed the next morning and be ready to hit the new day with vim and vigor.

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MaleBox: Tim Tebow's
Super Bowl Ad

We got a huge response from our blog last Friday about Tim Tebow's decision to make a pro-life Super Bowl commercial. Nearly all of you complimented Tebow for his choice to participate in the ad, but your reasons varied.

Tim and his family continue to show that this is about God's kingdom. I know Focus [on the Family] well enough that they will reflect grace and truth, and I salute both for going for it. This is another reminder of why God didn't just take us home after coming ...

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New Man Trivia
(Be a man; don't look it up!)

1) Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner retired on Friday. Warner is second only to which quarterback in number of career 300-yard passing games?

2) Apart from King David, what known author wrote the most psalms to be included in the Bible?

3) The famous artist Pablo Picasso once said: "Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don't start measuring her _____?

Get the answers!

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Can Avatars Have Halos?
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Pro-Lifers Defend Tebow's Choice
By Adrienne S. Gaines
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The American Family Association (AFA) is urging its supporters to send letters to CBS Chairman Les Moonves to urge him not to bow to pressure to pull a pro-life Super Bowl ad featuring former Florida Gators football star Tim Tebow and his mother. Read More

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