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Friday, May 2, 2014
The Idolatry of "Nice"
Niceness in the church

Affirmation and niceness (in the name of not being divisive and sustaining Christian charity) have become idols which displace truth. Little children, we are not keeping ourselves from them.

Orlando Magic owner Richard DeVos
Will Orlando Magic Owner Rich DeVos Be the Next Kicked Out of the NBA?

Are we moving to a society where you can be fired for your personal views - wildly reprehensible as they may be? It appears the left may be showing their cards already.

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10:30AM EDT 5/1/2014
John Servati
21-Year-Old Dies to Save Girlfriend From Alabama Tornado

John Servati, a 21-year-old student at University of Alabama, lost his life on Monday while protecting his girlfriend from a devastating storm heading through Tuscaloosa. Read about his sacrifice.

U.S. Flag
"One Nation, Under Peace": Is This School Writing God Out of the Pledge?

"And to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under..." peace? A firestorm of controversy is surrounding a Wisconsin high school for possibly allowing its students to rewrite the Pledge of Allegiance.

1:00PM EDT 5/1/2014
12:00PM EDT 5/1/2014
Your complete christian guide to graduate schools and seminaries
May Day rally in Kharkiv, Ukraine
Why the Russian Church Isn't Taking Sides in Ukraine

The crisis in Crimea and Ukraine is perhaps the biggest move on Russia's part in years to reestablish a foothold from the old "Red Menace." So why isn't the Russian Orthodox Church taking a stand?

3:00PM EDT 5/1/2014
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