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Friday, April 25, 2014
Atheist's Temper Tantrum Sacks Christian Football Coach
Dabo Swinney

Angry atheists are at it again. This week, they're taking on Dabo Swinney, head coach of the Clemson Tigers. Find out how you can support the Christian football coach.

Bryan and Lanette Davies
Did God Call This Man to the Marijuana Ministry?

Would God really tell His followers to open up a pot shop? According to a couple in California, that's exactly what happened.

8:00AM EDT 4/24/2014
FIFA World Cup
'If You Haven't Lost Your Virginity at 11 ... Something's Wrong With You': Film Unveils Sex Trafficking at World Cup

"You don't know about the suffering, the pain, the blood, the cruelty that this nation is going to live from the World Cup and the Olympic games."

Darby Avenue Charter elementary school sign
The Surprising Reason This Easter Sunday Sign Has a Few Angelinos Up in Arms

It's not just what it says that's causing controversy; it's where it is.

3:00PM EDT 4/24/2014
12:00PM EDT 4/24/2014
Community College of Baltimore County
Community College Actually Denies Applicant for Being a Christian

What's the most important thing in your life? If the answer is "God," that apparently disqualifies you from learning to become a radiation therapist in Baltimore.

2:00PM EDT 4/24/2014
Mississippi Takes 20 Massive Steps Toward Protecting Pre-Born Babies
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