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Here's the Deal, from Larry Tomczak
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Monday, July 28, 2014
TV Shows Featuring Nudity Highlight Culture's Crisis of Truth
'Skin Wars' A tawdry and titillating TV trend is under way. Seven—that's right, seven—shows are being rolled out on cable and satellite channels featuring one central theme: complete nudity.

Romans 1:21-32, written to an enlightened civilization that completely destroyed itself, lays out a pattern repeated throughout history that has become America's story:

• Reject truth

• Lose discernment

• Experience moral chaos

Here's the deal: the crisis in our culture is a crisis of truth. Unless we categorically and decisively reject the secularist, moral relativism of 21st-century America, we are doomed. This is not a scare tactic; this is sober reality. Our hope is that God in His mercy would send a spiritual awakening reversing this trend before it's too late.

Dating Naked is simply another alarming societal development that is evidence of our deep-seated decline. The scary thing is that multitudes of Christians will tune in with a ho-hum, humorous take on the show, while they munch their Doritos and Papa John's pizza perched next to their significant other.

I've not seen this show nor the other ones that I will mention. I have seen advertisements in magazines featuring attractive couples standing totally in the buff except for a minuscule X strategically placed over crotches and nipples. As a "watchman on the wall," I did some research, which is the basis for this commentary.

• Dating Naked introduces six complete strangers of the opposite sex totally au natural. Frontal private parts are barely pixilated while attractive contestants hug, hold hands, swim, enjoy mud baths, surf, horseback ride, boogie board, sit around the campfire and sip Jack Daniels as they passionately kiss and make out without a stitch of clothing. read more
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