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Monday, June 23, 2014
Larry Tomczak: 5 Reasons I've Attended 12 Gay Pride Events
Gay pride rally Last Saturday I attended my 12th "Gay Pride" event--this one in Nashville, Tennessee. I've also gone in Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia.  A friend of mine went to the festivities in San Francisco a couple years ago, returning with video footage and his impressions. They are basically the same as mine with some exceptions.

"Larry, why do you go to these so-called 'celebrations'? Don't you have a full schedule and better things to do?"

Here's the deal: I go to these gay pride events because I believe it is God's will for me. It's not necessarily for everybody as individuals must be very careful due to some public nudity, drugs and behavior many would deem offensive. There are also levels of maturity in the Christian experience that must be taken into consideration. After some initial comments, let me share with you five reasons why I believe God has me go with the blessing of fellow leaders and the prayer covering of intercessors.  

May the acronym P.R.I.D.E. help readers grasp the simplicity yet necessity of what I convey.

Background and History

In June of 1969 rioting erupted in New York at the Mafia-owned Stonewall gay bar when, after a routine "card check" by the local police, some patrons resented the officers' intrusion and became violent. Later, homosexual activists wanted to commemorate the event with some type of public demonstration. They wanted to celebrate their lifestyle and help liberate people from negative perceptions regarding their movement.

In November of that year, the first " pride demonstration" took place in New York City and then a group of activists proposed an annual demonstration be held not only there but throughout the United States. read more
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