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Monday, November 25, 2013
Instilling Thankfulness: 10 Talking Points for Your Thanksgiving Table
Larry Tomczak If you're like me, you appreciate practical tools to help you in your Christian life. With Thanksgiving approaching, here's a gift to enable you to cultivate grateful hearts in those with whom you gather.First of all, living in our increasingly secular society, it's important we remind ourselves of the pertinent facts concerning the holiday of Thanksgiving. In 1863, a Christian president, Abraham Lincoln, proclaimed a national day of "thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwells in heaven."

Second, the first Thanksgiving holiday was a joyous event celebrated by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims who enjoyed a plentiful harvest after their prayers and hard work redeemed a very difficult first year in America. Remember that the Pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact stating their purpose in leaving England to come to America was for religious freedom not selfish greed.

That purpose is clearly stated: " For the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith. " Subsequently, they joined together for three days of prayerful thanksgiving to God for the harvest and the blessings He bestowed upon them. It' s important to review these facts with family members and guests, lest we fall prey to thinking this is just a day off for feasting, football and  Friday  shopping prep! Third, as Christians, we always want to cultivate thankfulness in our lives. Recall how Jesus had 10 lepers whom He healed and yet only one came back to say thank you. God gives us a directive, not an elective: " In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thess. 5:18). We need to develop the habit of giving thanks " in" everything, not necessarily " for" read more
Vern Bengtson
Aging Expert: Boomers Will Return to Church Later in Life

Like their parents, many baby boomers will attend religious services later in life. But unlike their parents, boomers are more likely to describe a deep, intense spiritual connection from a personal experience.

11:30AM EST 11/25/2013
clergy tax-free housing
Judge Strikes Down Federal Tax Exemption for Clergy

A federal judge struck down a 1951 law that gives members of the clergy tax-free housing allowances. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed suit, saying the law unconstitutionally establishes religion.

Radio Shack
Radio Shack Censors 'Christmas,' AFA Calls for Boycott

The American Family Association is calling for a limited one-month boycott of the Radio Shack chain over the company's censorship of the word Christmas.

12:30PM EST 11/25/2013
1:00PM EST 11/25/2013
Americans Divided on Facing Death: Fight It, Choose It or Let It Come
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