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Monday, October 14, 2013
Is Joel Osteen Using Double-Talk to Appeal to the Masses?
Joel Osteen A number of years ago, I was privileged to have a breakfast conversation with the late John Osteen, father of Joel Osteen. I appreciated his forthright style of communicating God's Word in his weekly television sermons. He always spoke clearly and yet compassionately in conveying the truth of the Scripture. I thanked him for his impact upon my life as a young minister.

John used to say, "Slow growth is good growth." That certainly changed when the baton was passed to Joel as we witness the explosive growth of his church and ministry in America today. Joel's national television broadcast, his million-seller books and his stadium events have caused him to be recognized as maybe the most influential voice to American Christians today.

Something else has changed, in my humble opinion, besides the exponential growth. I'm speaking here of a shift from John's candor in communicating truths to his son's approach of majoring on the positive and inspirational while usually avoiding the controversial. Seeing his success, scores of ministers follow in his footsteps.

While I, like multitudes of fellow believers, admire Joel and Victoria Osteen for their authenticity, sincerity, integrity and love for God and His people, how many of us secretly wish that he would come forth with more directness-especially when he is asked about important doctrinal, moral and cultural issues of our day?

Come on. Be honest.

I lived in Atlanta, Ga., for 11 years. While I was there, I served alongside pastor Michael Youseff. Recently he wrote a piece for Charisma News entitled "When Catholic and Protestant Popes Use Double-Talk."

He said the following: "Double-talk. It's confusing to the faithful. But more than that, it can be a jumping point for the weak and uninformed. read more
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