Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber offers timely commentary on defending Christian liberties in America today.
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Clarion Call, from Matt Barber
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
How the Gay Jihad Normalized a Filthy Practice
Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich The public career beheading of former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich at the hands of pagan sexual jihadists coupled with an escalating epidemic of Christian business owners facing harsh government persecution for merely living out their faith has startled awake an America lulled to sleep by the left's intentionally deceptive yet oh-so-sweet-sounding serenade of "equality, tolerance and diversity."

Average folks have finally begun to recognize that America's "progressive" power class of cultural Marxists and left-wing statists really intends, and always has, to subjugate ideological dissenters through abject inequality and intolerance while demanding blind obedience to an anti-Christian, sexually anarchist sociopolitical agenda.

The goals of these homosexualists were clearly defined decades ago. Still, for any goal to be successfully attained, clever stratagem and sound methodology must be diligently applied.

And so they have.

In their manuscript After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's (1989, Doubleday/Bantam), Harvard-educated marketing experts Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen meticulously laid out the homosexual lobby's blueprint for success in what is widely regarded as the handbook for the gay agenda.

This ambitious project to demolish the America of our founding and raise, in its place, a twisted hybrid of San Francisco's Castro District and Josef Stalin's Soviet Union is nearing fruition.

Kirk and Madsen devised an insidious three-pronged approach the homosexual lobby has masterfully implemented in subsequent years: desensitization, jamming and conversion.

They summarized their approach this way:

Desensitization read more
Watchman on the Wall
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Lady Gaga Resurrects 'Jesus' in Soft-Porn Music Video

At one point in the video, Gaga not only resurrects Jesus from a tomb but also clones Him with the aid of horned females. Gaga also takes on the form of a fallen angel--some Internet chatter suggests she's channeling Satan--only to be born again.

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In the Line of Fire
Michael L. Brown
Time to Drop the Hyper-Grace Rhetoric

Let's openly and prayerfully discuss our differences, seeking God earnestly and giving ourselves to the gospel of grace, without resorting to cheap and unhelpful rhetoric.

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Sexual Atheism: Christian Dating Data Reveals a Deeper Spiritual Malaise

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