Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber offers timely commentary on defending Christian liberties in America today.
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Clarion Call, from Matt Barber
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Monday, March 10, 2014
No Political Fix to America's Death Spiral
Matt Barber The question is not "Is America falling?" but rather "Why is America falling?"

I'm currently writing from the Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC 2014, the nation's largest gathering of conservative political junkies. The event is being held at the beautiful Gaylord National hotel, adjacent to the scenic shoreline of the historic Potomac River. We're just a few short miles from Washington, D.C., which, at least for now, remains the modern-day equivalent of the Roman Empire.

I say "at least for now" because America finds itself skipping along the primrose path to Rome's ill-fated finale. I needn't trouble you with evidence to that effect, as this tragic reality is hopelessly inescapable. It's a self-evident truth. Unless our next generation of leaders-Gen-Y millennials-can successfully turn things around, we're up the Potomac without a paddle.

The day's speeches have ended, and conference-going night revelers are about. The indoor balcony to my 12th-floor room faces, as the hotel website accurately boasts, a "spectacular 18-story glass atrium." My balcony door is open wide, and the bustling din from several parties across the cavernous vestibule soaks the room.

A chorus has begun. What is this? Have partygoers launched an impromptu rendering of "America, the Beautiful"?

No, this is a chant, joined by scores-100 or more, perhaps-of young conservative bacchanalians on multiple suite balconies and from the open-air bar below. What is that they're chanting? Is that "Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!"?

At first, it's hard to tell. It's a booming echo that reverberates throughout the entire hotel.

And then it becomes clear.

Alas, our next generation of conservative leaders are not chanting "Amer-i-ca! Amer-i-ca!" They are, instead, chanting, "F**k O-bama! F**k O-bama!" read more
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