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Clarion Call, from Matt Barber
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Monday, October 21, 2013
Matt Barber: Liberals Feel Crush of Obamacare
Matt Barber "Disaster," "embarrassment," "humiliating" and "train wreck" are just a few of the colorful terms being used to describe it. The Obama administration's incompetent half-billion-dollar rollout of its incompetent multi-trillion-dollar signature achievement is but a tragic metaphor for this man's entire presidency. (It's not hyperbole when it's true.)

Nearly three weeks in and the utopian promise of "affordable care" for all has yielded but a handful of folks who've even been able to sign up for this clinic in socialism.

That Obamacare - something billed as a health-care panacea for the collective - is something that the collective neither asked for, nor wanted, is now the back story. That it has failed so fantastically in every respect, has taken center stage.

Reuters reports: "In its third week of operations, the [Obamacare] website continues to experience problems, which government officials say they are working day and night to repair. Even allies of the Obama administration have been highly critical, with former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs calling it 'excruciatingly embarrassing' and calling for 'some people' to be fired."

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., was both a sponsor of - and cheerleader for - Obamacare. He saw this coming. Once he read this 2,400-page regulatory monstrosity, he came to the same conclusion as did anyone else with two synapses to rub together. He called the implementation of Obamacare "a huge train wreck" and announced that, rather than resulting in his re-election, Obama's pet government health-care albatross would sink him into retirement. read more
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After Multiple Affairs, Pastor Ron Carpenter's Wife Seeks Psychiatric Treatment

Ron Carpenter Jr. announced Sunday that his wife, Hope, had voluntarily checked into a one-year rehabilitation clinic and is in isolation. He explained the backstory and how they came to be separated.

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