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Friday, March 21, 2014
Why This 'Drunk Jesus' T-Shirt Should Make You Mad at the Devil
Jesus, I'm Drunk It's clear that antichrist spirits are growing bolder. Look no further than the endless stream of battles in the culture wars. Christian or not, Moral America is pushing back the onslaught of gay marriage and abortion even while our government seems to be working overtime to squash religious liberties.

I wrote some weeks ago about a pro-life campaign where our Lord and Savior referred to Himself as "Jesus F-ing Christ." Now Urban Outfitters seems to think it's groovy to print T-shirts showing an inebriated Emmanuel. That's right, the clothing retailer is proudly displaying a new design called "The Drunk Jesus." It debuted just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

The T-shirt, which is green with white lettering that says "Jesus, I'm Drunk" and dons an image of Christ holding a mug of sudsy bear, sells for $24. The ploy takes merchandising the gospel to a whole new level. On its website, Urban Outfitters uses this marketing line: "Throw some back with the holy man himself in this epic tee!"

Even Cosmopolitan magazine, which is known for its near X-rated soft-porn advice on its glossy pages, recognizes Urban Outfitters, noting, "We all know Urban Outfitters likes to cause controversy via the medium of clothes, and their forte in particular is the misappropriation of racial stereotypes. In the past they've managed to offend Jews (with a Nazi emblem T-shirt) and Native Americans (with misuse of the word 'Navajo'). And earlier this year they sold a T-shirt emblazoned with the word 'depression' which seemed to mock mental illness. *sigh*"

I guess this is to be expected in a culture where artists like Kanye West continue to mock Jesus in front of youthful masses. Mocking Jesus is nothing new. read more
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