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Friday, March 14, 2014
Perversion Rising as 'Cosmo' Promotes Tranny Porn Awards
Tranny Awards It's no surprise that Cosmopolitan magazine ranked 10th on Morality in Media's annual Dirty Dozen list. The metro rag uses its platform to push the pro-abortion agenda and is generally filled with R-rated smut.

(By the way, that's why model and actress Nicole Weider went after the racy magazine in a campaign, demanding the rubbish be sold in a nontransparent wrapper to adults only. In fact, the Christian Weider said Cosmo has the devil written all over it. I wholeheartedly agree.)

Armed with that history, it may not surprise you to learn that the soft-porn publication is now touting a less-offensive name for its annual "Tranny Awards" for pornography.

Frank Kabola penned the article informing sex-charged readers of the change. "Originally a small, online-only awards show designed to celebrate transgender erotica," he writes, "it has since grown into a full awards show extravaganza, honoring models and performers in 21 categories and attracting attention from outside of the trans community. Not wanting to spread the use of what many consider a derogatory term for transgender people, creator Steven Grooby decided it was time to change the name."

And-get this-they are changing the name to TEA, which stands for Transgender Erotica Awards and essentially mocks the conservative political tea party.

"We started the show as an online event for a bit fun and never anticipated the interest and growth of the show to become the main annual event for trans women and men in the adult industry," says Grooby. "When we named the show the 'Tranny Awards' in 2007 the climate was different and the usage of the word 'tranny' was appropriate as a catchy title in an online porn event. read more
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