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Watchman on the Wall, from Jennifer LeClaire
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013
When False Prophetic Voices Merchandise the Saints
Facebook Broken Link Last week-for the second and third time-some nefarious false prophetic voice hijacked my photos, my name and my very words and set out to do serious damage to believing saints in the name of Jesus. The experience got me thinking about how false prophetic voices are actively merchandising sincere believers looking for a breakthrough online, on TV and radio, and in churches.

Here's the background: Some hijacking merchandiser created two fake Facebook accounts with my face, name, books and prophetic words plastered all over them. This false prophetic voice then started sending friend invitations to people who were commenting on my real page. (Click here to see my real Facebook page.) One woman-we'll call her "Sally" to protect her identity-shared her experience with me:

"Just today I 'shared' one of your posts only to get a 'friend' invitation on FB. I was thrilled to think I could be in touch with you. Could you pray for me, as God was about to do something big in my & my family? Then you ultimately started asking, demanding, and were manipulative with spiritual abuse to solicit for money for the orphanage. It smelled like a rat. Surely this is not Jennifer & was about to ask. But I had already emailed back my suspicions, my disappointment, my sick feeling-and the person knew I was onto them … Oh, it truly was such a time waster, such a disturbing, distressing issue. It really did get me at first because I very much relate to your writings & keenly follow-made me feel very vulnerable & regretful for opening up as much as I did. Such a warning to be more alert, more cautious-have a prowling enemy seeking to devour."

The Big Picture

This is not an isolated incident. Just last month, a fake Facebook page claiming to be  read more
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