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Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Devil Overplays His Hand: Miley Cyrus' Soft-Porn Twerking Offends Even Sinners
Miley Cyrus When sinners cry foul, you know you've crossed the line.

Miley Cyrus took raunchy to a whole new level at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday-and the talk of her stripping down to flesh-colored rubber underwear, ultra-obscene twerking and other erotic moves on stage with Robin Thicke isn't dying down.

Miley's perverted performance made Beyonce's controversial Super Bowl dance look tame and Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction appear rather innocent. Billy Ray Cyrus, the country music star and father of the misguided youth, was probably sick to his stomach watching his baby girl simulate masturbation in front of the masses. Billy Ray was scheduled to do an interview with Piers Morgan to discuss the incident but bailed out, probably still speechless and sipping on Pepto-Bismol.

Noteworthy is the fact that even the liberal media and fellow celebrities are shocked by the Hannah Montana star's performance.

"That young lady, who is 20, is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed. Probably has confidence issues, probably an eating disorder. And I don't think anybody should have put her up on stage. That was disgusting," says Mika Brzezinksi, co-anchor of Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Brooke Shields, who played Cyrus' mother on Hannah Montana, called the performance "desperate" on NBC's Today show: "I don't approve. Where did I go wrong? I want to know who's advising her and why it's necessary. It's a bit desperate."

Kelly Osbourne, a close friend of Cyrus' and co-host of E!'s Fashion Police VMAs recap had this to say: "Look, Miley's my friend and I love her, and I have her back no matter what, but as her friend, I'm going to tell her-put your f---ing tongue in your mouth! I love you, but just put your tongue in your mouth." read more
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