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Friday, July 11, 2014
4 Ingredients in the Recipe for Revival
Revival Not being able to use the oven as an eight year old, I became quite skilled at cooking meals for myself in the microwave oven.  Nearly every morning I would make a full breakfast complete with scrambled eggs, bacon, and grits buttered to southern perfection.  My mom was amused by her little chef and let me enjoy my little space of independence - even if it meant a little extra work for her cleaning up my messes.

One day I found a recipe for microwaved chocolate cake.  For this preteen kid I might as well have discovered gold.  I was incredibly anxious to try this one afternoon after school.  I could already taste the sweet warm soft cake in my mouth with a tall glass of milk.  When I arrived home that day I dropped my bags and headed straight for the kitchen and began rummaging through the cupboards looking for the ingredients. 

The recipe called for cocoa powder (sweetened). We only had unsweetened but I figured cocoa is cocoa so what difference does it make?  Next I needed baking powder.  To this day I'm not sure I can tell the difference between a box of baking soda and baking powder.  They look the same, so I put a little baking soda in.  I couldn't reach the sugar, but salt looks a lot like sugar and it was conveniently sitting on the table. 

I mixed everything up, with the rest of the ingredients and popped it into the microwave, punched in 10 minutes and went to pour my milk as I waited for my fresh cake to come straight out of the (microwave) oven.

You can imagine my expectation quickly became disappointment as I put in my spoon and took a big bite.   It was awful!   It tasted like a mouth full of dirt.   read more
Watchman on the Wall
sleeping church
The Spirit Says 'A Great Awakening Is Coming to This Nation'

Our nation is in natural and spiritual crisis, and it will take an intervention from God to avoid disaster. Will the real church please stand up?

8:00AM EDT 7/9/2014
In the Line of Fire
Palestinian mourners
Renouncing Jewish Jihad

The power of hate shows no favoritism. It will destroy not only Muslims but also Jews. Let us without reserve or qualification utterly renounce "Jewish jihad."

Clarion Call
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Right … Sort of

While reams have already been penned examining the implications of last week's Hobby Lobby decision, most of what's been written, particularly in the liberal press, has missed the point entirely. Was Ginsberg right?

1:00PM EDT 7/7/2014
9:00AM EDT 7/7/2014
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