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Thursday, April 17, 2014
7 Signs You Need Revival
prayer I was in major need of revival by the age of 19. I was the backslidden grandson of a fiery tent-preaching revivalist. I had spent a great deal of my life in the church but was now running fast into the world. I was a gifted hypocrite who played the part on Sunday but did as I wished come Monday. 

Apparently I had enough people fooled to be used as a leader in the church. I don't know if that said more about my skillful deception or their desperation. The warning signs were there if someone would have exercised enough discernment to see the symptoms. 

I was dying and needed help. Thankfully that help arrived in our little church in 1996 when revival broke out during an ice storm (another story for another day). Jesus, the great physician, showed up with a diagnosis and prescription for my spiritual condition. Yes, it hurt, but it also healed!

There are seven questions for self discovery that the great theologian A.W. Tozer encourages us to consider. These questions, if answered honestly, speaks volumes about our spiritual health. They are:

I make it a point to frequently ask these questions of myself. With these in mind, I want to offer seven signs you need revival in your own life:

1. You are entertained by things that once grieved you.

When I got saved, I cleaned up my life and cleaned out my house. I filled up several garbage cans with worldly items that I had collected over the years. No one told me to do this. I simply had such a pure love for the Lord and I didn't want anything to come between me and Him. I was breaking up with the devil and no longer had a need for any of these articles of worldly affection.

However, any home that has been swept clean will once again become dirty if it's not maintained daily. read more
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