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Monday, April 7, 2014
That's Revival!
revival Three weeks ago, we laid Steve Hill' s earthly tent to rest. It is fitting that his burial plot is near David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill. These three men ran so closely together and were used so mightily in the past century. All three finished well!   Steve was privileged to be part of two incredible moves of God in Argentina and Pensacola, but he always contended that the greatest move of God yet was before us, not behind us. Now his leg of the race is over. He has joined that crowd of witnesses and will see the next revival from heaven's vantage point.     This next leg of the race is ours. As I run, I am more stirred for revival now more than ever. I am believing for one more great outpouring of His Spirit in these last days. I trust I'm not alone.   Some might say, " We don' t need revival," or, " God will not bless America with another move of God while we continue our slide further and further away from Him. " (Trust me, I get the emails. ) Friend, this is precisely why we need revival!   Revival is not God's award for our righteousness. It' s His answer for our unrighteousness!   I understand there are a lot of different thoughts on revival. Like so many words we use in Christianity,  revival  carries different definitions for different people. Some see it as a series of special meetings in a church. Others think it is an emotional outbreak devoid of true spirituality. Some have messaged me to inform me that the word  revival  is not in the Bible or that we shouldn't seek it but rather seek God. We use the same word but mean different things.   For me, revival means something special. read more
Clarion Call
Fort Hood shooting
Fort Hood, Gun-Free Zones and 'Progressive' Insanity

America mourns yet another needless and preventable mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. When will gun-grabbing liberals learn?

9:00AM EDT 4/7/2014
Here's the Deal
God Is Looking for Heroes

We may not win a Heisman Trophy, Olympic gold medal, Nobel Peace Prize or Congressional Medal of Honor, but we can surrender our lives to Jesus Christ and let Him use us to make a significant impact through our lives.

In the Line of Fire
flower power
When the Pollsters Missed a Revolution

Radical cultural shifts can come virtually out of nowhere, turning many of the radical rebels of the counterculture revolution into committed, biblical conservatives. It happened in the 1960s. Could it happen again?

8:00AM EDT 4/7/2014
12:30PM EDT 4/4/2014
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