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From the Frontlines, from Steve Hill
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
The Spiritual Danger of Being Bored to Death
bored man The other day a middle-aged "mature" Christian blurted out a statement that shot like a rocket through my spirit. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I am so bored with life. I'm fed up with everything. " Why did his words have such an impact on my life? Why should these words refuse to flow from the life of any follower of Jesus? What happens when a message such as this lands on the ears of a non-believer? Allow me to share with you some valuable lessons that should remain signed and sealed for eternity in your heart. First of all, this man was not speaking of a temporary season of frustration. He was sick of his Christian life and he didn't care who was aware of his pitiful plight. This statement as a Christian should be impermissible. We have trained our children, now adults, to never, ever, utter these words. As a Christian, with all the promises of Christ-in a blessed nation, with unspeakable freedoms-where does boredom come from? Relax, in just a minute we will navigate our way out of this sad state of mind, but first let's establish the why and how of this spiritual sickness. Perhaps you are bored because you are boring! That's right-your life has nothing to show for it. Before pelting me with rocks, let me ask you a pointed question: What are you doing, or have done, for Jesus? Are you fulfilling any part of the great commission? Are you so boring that people avoid being in your presence? Is your life so eventless that you have no stories to tell? The quickest way to take care of your mood is to find out why someone else is at a place of despair. That's right, climb out of your pitiful pool and make a swan dive into someone else's. Look around. You'll find others are drowning. read more
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Taking Baby-Killing to a New Low

The people who pushed to legalize abortion so that women wouldn't have to get a back-alley abortion with a wire coat hanger are now calling for nurses to handle the deadly procedure.

9:00AM EDT 9/16/2013
Clarion Call
Matt Barber
Your Safe, Moral Boy Scouts Alternative Is ...

What would a safe, moral and non-sexualized alternative to the Boy Scouts of America look like? Trail Life USA is gearing up to step in where the Boy Scouts fell down.

Watchman on the Wall
Are We Pentecostals Losing Our Religion by Holding Our Tongue-Talking?

Isn't it somewhat of an oxymoron to stumble upon a born-again, blood-bought, Spirit-filled believer who doesn't speak in tongues? Find out why more Pentecostal churches are holding their tongues.

6:00AM EDT 9/16/2013
12:00PM EDT 9/13/2013
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