In the Line of Fire, from Michael Brown
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In the Line of Fire, from Michael Brown
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Did Rachel Held Evans Capitulate to Culture?
In her recent article on CNN's Belief Blog, popular writer Rachel Held Evans explains, "There's a misconception among many faithful folks that religious convictions, by their very nature, are set in stone," further noting, "People who change their minds are called flip-floppers or backsliders, accused of capitulating to culture and 'conforming to the world.'"

Evans, who states that she "grew up in a religious environment that vilified LGBT people," still identifies as an evangelical Christian but has had a change of heart in her viewpoint on homosexuality, just as she had a change of heart on "the age of the Earth, the reality of climate change, the value of women in church leadership, [and] the equal failings of both the Republican and Democratic platforms to embody the teachings of Jesus."

And so, when Exodus International announced it was closing its doors and when the Supreme Court made its momentous, pro-gay activist decisions, she "celebrated" along with her many LGBT friends.

Should we applaud her for being open and willing to change? Should we acknowledge the spiritual progress she is making, outgrowing her earlier bigotry? Or is some of her spiritual growth dangerously mingled with capitulation to the spirit of the age?

The title of her article is "Not All Religious Convictions Are Written in Stone," but Evans leaves us wondering if any religious convictions are written in stone.

After all, which seems more intolerant and offensive: to claim the earth is only 6,000 years old or to claim Jesus is the only way to the Father and that Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism are wrong? read more
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Knowing When It's Time to Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

Sometimes we have to shake the dust off our feet and even shake out our garments when the word of the Lord is continually rejected in a church. Jennifer LeClaire offers prophetic insight on this serious matter.

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