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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Dutch Sheets: 'You Can Die From Sorrow!'
Sad woman

Hope deferred creates a diseased heart, both emotionally and physically. And with a diseased heart, no one can run life's race effectively. In fact, it could kill you.

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Dallas surgeon Mark Pool knows who the 'Great Physician' is, and it's not him.
Prayer and Scalpel: Surgeons Who Pray for Patients

These surgeons know they aren't God. But they also know that they're God's vessels for healing and do what they can to put patients at ease.

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3:00PM EDT 5/2/2014
Estrogen pills
Women: Balance Estrogen for Heart Health

Find out what researchers have discovered to reverse their thoughts on hormone replacement therapy in relation to the health of a woman's heart.

Girl eating pizza
How to Hold On to Your Willpower

Fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler reveals how the small successes we have will ultimately lead to our greatest victories.

3:00PM EDT 4/30/2014
3:00PM EDT 5/1/2014
National Institute of Christian Leadership - Register now at 3 locations
Doctor and patient
Can a Doctor's Decision to Drop a Patient Be Appealed?

If a doctor suddenly decides to drop a patient, there are other options to consider. Find out what they are.

3:00PM EDT 5/5/2014
How to Walk Your Way to Creativity
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