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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
No Shortcuts: A Journey From Fat to Fit
Heidi Luong before, at 200 pounds (left at far right) and after (right) as a CrossFit coach.

Before she became a CrossFit coach, Heidi Luong was diagnosed as obese and pre-diabetic. Find out how she became a 1 Thessalonians 5:23 woman--healthy and fit.

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Nuts and grains
6 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

Find out how following these six simple tips can get you on the right path to good health without complicated and confusing rules.

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3:00PM EDT 4/11/2014
Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy and More Prone to Cancer

Find out what researchers at an Austrian medical university found out about vegetarians' susceptibility to the life-threatening disease and another physical ailments.

Will you allow Jesus to rescue you out of the depths of depression?
Are You Tired of Feeling Hopeless?

Do you suffer with pain so deep that you can't even share it with your closest friends? Find out how God can lift you out of the miry pit of depression.

3:00PM EDT 4/10/2014
3:00PM EDT 4/14/2014
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Black woman on scale
Are Black Men Helping to Keep Black Women Fat?

Taking care of your body and the desire to do so is something that comes from within. Find out why a cultural deception should be dispelled.

3:00PM EDT 4/15/2014
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