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Wednesday, April 9, 2014
New Guidelines May Take Millions Off Blood-Pressure Meds
Blood pressure

Read why millions of Americans now won't be considered at risk when it comes to their blood pressure.

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The Sunshine Nutrient: Why Vitamin D Is Key

Find out why, despite its abundance of availability, most Americans are not getting enough vitamin D--and why that's real trouble for our health.

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3:00PM EDT 4/8/2014
What lifestyle changes are you making to improve the quality of your life?
Lifestyle Disease: It's Your Choice

Are you living the abundant life Jesus promised for you? Are you picking up your cross of bad habits and making changes, or simply wallowing in them?

Coach Heidi and Lorena posing before 14.4.
Why You Should Embrace a Physical Challenge

Whether they are spiritual or physical, challenges have the potential to make us stronger individuals. What challenges do you face that you believe will make you stronger in the end?

3:00PM EDT 4/2/2014
3:00PM EDT 4/4/2014
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Catching autism
Raising Autism Awareness: Early Diagnosis Crucial

Find out why autism experts say it's better in the long run to become aware of the condition by age 2 in youngsters.

3:00PM EDT 4/7/2014
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