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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
How to Break Your Sugar Addiction Once and for All

A recent study focusing on Oreo cookies showed the addictive power of sugar. Dr. Rhona Epstein shares some of her personal struggles with food addiction and how she eventually overcame the cycle.

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Woman stretching
14 Ways to Stress Less, Live More

Stress is a part of life, but it shouldn't take over your life. Incorporate these 14 stress reducers to live a less hectic lifestyle.

3:00PM EST 11/12/2013
Omega 3 fish oil capsules
Why Your Supplements Aren't Working

As wonderful as supplements can be, there is no magic pill to cure all. When supplements don't seem to work, find out what could be the reason. 

Stressed woman
How to Deal With Stress God's Way

Most of us fall into anxiety, worry or anger when we're dealing with everyday stress. But there are two specific spiritual solutions to stress management outlined in Scripture. Find out what they are.

3:00PM EST 11/11/2013
3:00PM EST 11/7/2013
How to Motivate Yourself to Get to the Gym

If a lethargic attitude toward fitness frustrates you--even when you are determined to engage in a healthy lifestyle--there might be something missing. Diana Anderson gives us the key to a new enthusiasm for fitness.

3:00PM EST 11/8/2013
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