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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Rick Warren's 'The Daniel Plan' Details Biblical Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle
Working out

Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church, has teamed up with two doctors on The Daniel Plan, a new book that details a healthy lifestyle program based on five essential principles.

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Prescription drugs
Ted Broer: Pharmaceutical Companies Run a Yearly $280 Billion Scam

Many millions of Americans are addicted to prescription drugs. Here are 20 things people should know about the drugs.

3:00PM EDT 10/17/2013
Steve Reynolds, the Anti-Fat Pastor
The Anti-Fat Pastor: Tempted by Food

There are many unhealthy enticements in life, and some foods rank right up there at the top. Pastor Steve Reynolds says God promises a way of escape from these temptations.

Genetically engineered food
Are Genetically Modified Foods Harmful or Helpful?

Research has shown that genetically modified foods can be hazardous to your health. Find out the details.

3:00PM EDT 10/21/2013
3:00PM EDT 10/18/2013
Overweight woman
The Secret Ingredient to Stubborn Weight Loss

You may think you've tried everything to get those extra pounds off. But could it be possible that you lack one important ingredient in the recipe for weight-loss success?

3:00PM EDT 10/16/2013
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