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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
6 Myths About Fitness After 50
Exercise is even more important past the age of 50.

Find out why experts say there is no medical reason for people slow down physically after hitting the big "five-oh."

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Pumpkin patch
Reaping Robustness: Enjoying the Colorful Foods of Autumn

Harvest time is upon us, the time of the year to revel in the bountiful wares from the farm. Find out which fruits and vegetables have the greatest health benefits.

3:00PM EDT 9/20/2013
Working out to music could help improve vascular function in CAD patients.
Don Colbert: Add This to Your Exercise Routine

The European Society of Cardiology has surprising discovered an element that can improve vascular function in coronary artery disease patients.

Brown fat
Brown Fat: An Obesity-Busting Miracle?

What exactly is "brown fat," and how can it help you? Read and find out.

3:00PM EDT 9/19/2013
3:00PM EDT 9/23/2013
Salmon is rich in vitamin B.
Study: Vitamin B Lessens Risk of Stroke

A new study rebukes former conclusions that taking vitamin B actually increases the risk of stroke. Find out why those findings have been reversed.

3:00PM EDT 9/24/2013
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