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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
B-12: Energy Vitamin Conquers Tiredness
Cooked clams

Find out why many people don't have nearly enough of this vital nutrient in their bodies and how you it can help you.

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Are you glorifying God with your body?
Are You Glorifying God With Your Body?

Read why Steve Reynolds, the "anti-fat pastor," says we must honor God as both the creator and controller of our bodies.

3:00PM EDT 9/16/2013
Indoor air pollution
Indoor Pollution: Sick Building, Sick People

With 90 percent of our time spent indoors, find out why there is a good chance that indoor air pollution impacts your health for the worse.

Alicia Ynostrosa performing a parallel air squat
The Power of Pressing On: A CrossFit Testimonial

Read the inspirational story of how the hot CrossFit craze had a huge impact on the life and emotional well being of a full-time working mother of three.

3:00PM EDT 9/12/2013
3:00PM EDT 9/13/2013
Are you allowing God to set you free from life's burdens?
How to Lay Aside the Weight

How can you experience freedom from the issues with your body that are weighing you down? Find out how to get started with biblical principles.

3:00PM EDT 9/17/2013
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