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Wednesday, July 17, 2013
How to Overcome Sugar Cravings

If that candy bar or ice cream cone is calling your name, discover what you can do to ignore that voice and eat something healthy.

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How to Blast Fat With Strawberries

Discover in what ways eating strawberries can make you healthier and suppress your appetite, and why you should include them in your diet this summer.

10:00AM EDT 7/11/2013
Researcher: Regular Sex Makes You Look Younger

Here's some good news for married couples--read what a British doctor has discovered about the youthful effects of a healthy sex life. 

Diana Anderson-Tyler: My Beef With Pork

While fitness expert Diana Anderson-Tyler doesn't condemn anyone who eats pork, she does have a few eye-opening revelations about swine for those who do.

10:00AM EDT 7/12/2013
10:00AM EDT 7/15/2013
When Self-Discipline Overrides the Chocolate Pang

Sometimes it's simply mind over matter. Discover how you can resist the urge to pick up that candy bar.

10:00AM EDT 7/16/2013
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