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Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Gratitude Carries Healing Powers for the Heart

Discover how the health of your heart can be affected if you're constantly burdened with despair, cynicism, distrust and gloom.

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Who Has Time to Exercise?

Between spending time with the Lord, your spouse, your kids and friends, can you find time to keep your body strong?

10:00AM EDT 5/7/2013
7 Rules of Christian Health

Discover what author and certified wellness coach Kimberly Taylor says are essential guidelines for a healthy body for Christians.

Obama Comfortable With FDA Decision to Let 15-Year-Olds Buy Morning-After Pill

Discover why President Obama agrees the Food and Drug Administration's mandate.

3:00PM EDT 5/6/2013
10:00AM EDT 5/3/2013
How Strong Is Your Faith When It Comes to Your Healing?

Discover how you can demonstrate your faith in God to receive complete healing in your body.

3:00PM EDT 5/2/2013
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