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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
CDC: American Kids Still Consuming Too Much Fat

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that adults in the United States have cut down on their calories from fast food. U.S. children, however, have not followed suit.

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Lycopene: Prostate Cancer's Enemy

A diet rich in lycopene can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by approximately 40 percent.

10:00AM EST 2/22/2013
Healthy Eating: Simpler Than You Think

Our goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. Why is it as difficult for us to figure out how to eat healthier meals as it is to find the time to exercise.

Stress and Anxiety Linked to Sperm Quantity

Short- and long-term stress can lower men's sperm counts, researchers say.

3:00PM EST 2/21/2013
10:00AM EST 2/21/2013
Study: Diet Drinks May Not Fuel Your Appetite

A recent report reveals that consumption of diet soda isn't necessarily a catalyst for the desire to consume more sugary or fatty foods.

3:00PM EST 2/20/2013
Proverbs 31 President Shares Adoption Testimony
Jeff Beacham Sees US Reawakening
'The Harbinger' Publisher Clarifies Misinformation About Dispute With Author of Critique
Man on Trial for Ohio Craigslist Murders Called a 'False Prophet'
'Unknown' Hero Makes Sacrifice for 22 Children on Bus Registers 5 Million Decisions for Christ
London Cop Supports Charismatic Mission
Obama Plans to 'Listen,' Not Present Mideast Peace Plan, Kerry Says
World Race Sets Missionaries on Adventure of Lifetime
Castro Successor Lacks Charisma But Is Experienced Manager
Israel Fears Prisoner Death May Spark Palestinian Uprising
Burned Church Is Latest in String of Tanzanian Attacks
Billy Graham: Real Hope Starts With Prayer
Documentary Airs to Mark Anniversary of Trayvon Martin Shooting
A Tribute to YWAM's Jim Dawson
Why King David Cannot Be Used to Justify Divorce, Remarriage or Adultery
Ron Luce Seeing 'Real Progress' in Daughter's Recovery
Shouldn't We Reach America First?
'Abortion Pill' Bill Gets Indiana Senate Nod
Obama Undermines Marriage and Family With Brief on DOMA
Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks
Wider Legal Rights at Stake in US Gay Marriage Cases
In Valentine Vote, Illinois Senate Approves Gay Marriage
In Rebuttal to Obama, Rubio Tries to Soften Republicans' Tone
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