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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Five Ways to Shed Pounds at Work
We can come up with all kinds of excuses for why we continue our unhealthy eating habits and ignore the need to get up and move, but we’re only hurting ourselves with that attitude. read more
Teen Births Continue to Decline in US
The number of U.S. babies born to teen mothers dropped to record lows in 2011, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
10:00AM EST 2/12/2013
Fill’er Up...With Fiber
Does the phrase “dietary fiber” make you think of wood pulp, bran cereal, and celery strings? Fiber-rich foods can be way more appetizing than that: creamy oatmeal, crunchy popcorn, fresh fruit salad.
Study: Older Women Can Wait Longer Between Mammograms
Screening women over 65 each year for breast cancer doesn’t catch any more early tumors—but it does lead to more false positives—than screening every other year, according to a new study.
3:00PM EST 2/11/2013
10:00AM EST 2/11/2013
Are You a Depressed Christian? Read This!
It’s no wonder nearly one in 10 Americans suffers from depression.

“Top risk factors include being unable to work or unemployed; having no health insurance;
3:22PM EST 2/8/2013
Kirk Cameron Tells Students to 'Perform for Audience of One'
R. Lamar Vest Moves to Next Phase of Ministry
Dr. Carson Prayer Breakfast Speech Generates Buzz
NY Hospital Ends Forced Abortion-Participation Policy
Law Allowing Guns in Churches Signed by Arkansas Governor
Judge Overturns Arizona Law Barring Planned Parenthood Funding
UN Urged to Call on Iran to Free American Pastor
Liberals, Women Priest Advocates Urge Change After Benedict
French Lower House Backs Gay Marriage Bill
Israel Holds 10 Women for Wearing Prayer Shawls at Holy Site
Sexual Abuse Victims Blast Benedict Papacy
Did Medieval Predecessor Inspire Pope's Retirement?
Pope Benedict’s American Fan Club Full of Evangelicals
Are Gay Rights Activists Threatening to Expose Boy Scouts Improprieties?
Calling Homosexuality a Sin Is Truth, Not Hatred or Bigotry
Could Bonnke’s Prophetic Declaration Spark a Great Awakening?
Should Women Be in Ministry or Not?
Bloody Hands: The Southern Poverty Law Center
US Evangelicals Demonstrate Support for Immigration Reform
Obama Nominates Openly Gay Lawyer for Patent Appeals Court
Obama Loses White House Faith-Based Office Leader
Illinois Starts Push to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage by Valentine's Day
Abortion Pill Mandate 'Exceptions' Leave Seniors in the Cold
'Fetal Heartbeat' Law to Ban Most Abortions in Arkansas
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