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Thursday, June 19, 2014
5 Signs of a Mean-Spirited Leader
Do you know any religious bullies?

Charles Swindoll recently tweeted a staunch warning to Christian bullies who are giving believers a bad name. Read these five warning signs that you might be a mean-spirited leader.

porn on hook
7 Keys to Breaking the Bondage of Pornography

Over 50 percent of men in the church struggle with porn. Here are some tips from a church leader who broke the hold of porn on his life and the role his wife played in that freedom.

6:00PM EDT 6/16/2014
Prophetic Insight
American flag
Dutch Sheets: God Is Not Done With America

A demonic tide of destruction has been unleashed upon our nation, and is taking ground at an increasingly rapid rate. Yet God is not done with America.

Teresa Shields Parker before and after
God's Key to Breaking Your Addiction to Food

Teresa-Shields Parker lost over 250 pounds when God told her to do one thing.

10:00AM EDT 6/17/2014
1:00PM EDT 6/16/2014
Fire in My Bones
Man pulling hair
7 Charismatic Characters Who Shouldn't Be on Your Ministry Team

Nothing will scare visitors away from your church faster than these super-spiritual flakes.

10:00AM EDT 6/18/2014
10 Ways to Set Your Kid Up for Failure Urgent Prayer Call for AndraƩ Crouch and Bob Bennett
Megachurch Pastor Ed Young Promises to Refund Tithe if God Doesn't Open the Windows of Heaven 3 Simple Steps to Beating Diabetes
What a Girl With Daddy Issues Discovered About God Who Needs Coffee? Try These Foods to Stay Alert
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