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Thursday, April 10, 2014
Sexual Atheism: Christian Dating Data Reveals a Deeper Spiritual Malaise
Sexual Atheism: Christian Dating Data Reveals a Deeper Spiritual Malaise by Kenny Luck

In a recent study conducted by, Christian singles between the ages of 18 to 59 were asked, "Would you have sex before marriage?" The response ...

Fire in My Bones
7 Craziest Mistakes in the Movie 'Noah' by J. Lee Grady, Charisma Magazine
7 of the Worst Mistakes in the Movie 'Noah'

I wanted to like the new film until I realized it wasn't based on the Bible.

Christian Life News - Global News. Evangelical Worldview.
10:00AM EDT 4/9/2014
Prophetic Insight
Cindy Jacobs
'Shields Up!' A Prophetic Warning for America

For the Lord says, "Shields up! This is the time for the watchman to have keen eyes and discernment. The enemy is at the door and wants to stir up havoc, but I will give My people eagle eyes to see what is being planned."

Powerful Prayers - by George Wood
3 Spirit-Powered Prayer Strategies That Bring Results

Great praying leads to great power. The Assemblies of God's George O. Wood shares three personal prayer strategies that will bring God's power into play in your life.

10:00AM EDT 4/8/2014
9:00AM EDT 4/9/2014
Limited Easter Offer
Church & Ministry
Pastor Bob Coy
Admitting Moral Failure, Megachurch Pastor Bob Coy Finds Flood of Grace From Calvary Chapel Members

After stepping down from Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, "Pastor Bob" has been met with nasty remarks from heresy hunters--and a flood of grace from members of his church.

8:00AM EDT 4/8/2014
5 Ways to Work With God Through Your Miscarriage Awaken the Samuels!
When You Feel Like Quitting the Ministry No Shortcuts: A Journey From Fat to Fit
Israel's Time's Running Out, Mr. President, or Yours? So, How Do You Age Gracefully?
Christian Life News - Global News. Evangelical Worldview.
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