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Thursday, April 3, 2014
7 Reasons We Don't Make Disciples
Fire in My Bones

I believe the Holy Spirit is drawing the church back to the New Testament model of relational discipleship.

kid with special needs
The Group Forgotten by the Church

Over 80 percent of this group doesn't go to church even though they would like to. Here's why they are staying away.

2:00PM EDT 4/2/2014
Spiritual Growth
4 Keys To Hearing God's Voice by Dr. Mark Virkler, President Communion with God Ministries (CLU)
How to Recognize God's Still, Small Voice

Jesus' sheep know His voice, but that doesn't mean we don't need to be equipped. Here are four keys that will help you discern the Holy Spirit speaking.

Prophetic Insight
R. Loren Sandford
Could Ukraine Crisis Stop Worldwide Revival?

Seven years ago, when R. Loren Sandford first visited Ukraine, he prophesied that Ukraine was and is a stealth torpedo in the Lord's arsenal that the enemy of our soul could not see coming.

8:00AM EDT 4/2/2014
10:00AM EDT 4/1/2014
The Ideal Relationship Between Husband and Wife

If your marriage isn't ideal, here's how to improve your relationship.

12:56PM EDT 3/31/2014
5 Keys to Training Your Son to Respect You, Himself and Others Spirit-Empowered Believers Praying for Second Pentecostal Outpouring
Makeup Won't Send You to Hell Beer, Bubbly and Libation Lies-But God Is Not a Buzzkill
Nearly Martyred Pastor Umar Mulinde Says Farewell to Israel Should Christians Surrender the Cultural War?
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