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Thursday, November 14, 2013
5 Ways the Prosperity Gospel Is Hurting Africa
Sad African Child

Poverty has increased in Africa in the past 25 years--yet prosperity preaching is common there. What's wrong with this picture?

Steve Gray
How to Open Your Life to a Move of God

God can move with great power like a mighty rushing wind through your life. But you can stop Him moving. Learn how to host a move of God in your church or your life that can change the world.

11:00AM EST 11/11/2013
woman showing compassion
Creating an Atmosphere for the Healing Power of God

There are times God works through medical means. But sometimes He works alone.

Prophetic Insight
brick wall
It's Time to Tear Down the Walls of Self-Protection

Eileen Fisher offers a prophecy from the Lord, urging His people to let down the walls and open their hearts and hands. Tap into this prophetic promise.

4:00PM EST 11/11/2013
10:00AM EST 11/12/2013
dad with daughter
What Every Dad Should Know About Their Daughter

Children's ministry director Gina McClain met a dad she wanted to punch. Here's why, as well as what she would tell that dad if he would listen.

11:00AM EST 11/13/2013
What Does It Mean When God Says the Same Thing to You Twice? The Danger of Turning Religion Into an Idol
3 Ways to Get to the Root of Anger George O. Wood: My 'Deepest Concern' for the Church
Build the Bridge Between Singles and Marrieds 6 Ways That Women Answer God's Call
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