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Thursday, October 24, 2013
To My Fundamentalist Brother John MacArthur: Grace to You Too
John MacArthur

MacArthur's new book Strange Fire is a broad-brush attack on all charismatics. But we can forgive him for it.

Church & Ministry
Teens against wall
Youth Groups Driving Christian Teens to Abandon Faith

A new study might reveal why a majority of Christian teens abandon their faith upon high school graduation. Fifty-five percent of American Christians are concerned with modern youth ministry.

3:00PM EDT 10/22/2013
Prophetic Insight
Open Door
James Goll: Season of Turmoil, Upheaval and Contention Will Bring Change

Many have proclaimed this New Hebrew Year the "Year of the Open Door." So how do we transition from one stage to the next? James Goll offers prophetic insight.

angry women arguing
Mentors: The Good, The Bad, The Awful

You think you've found a friend who will help you release your potential. But instead, you've attached yourself to someone who will stop at nothing to derail your hopes. Here's how to recognize the right and wrong kind of mentor.

10:00AM EDT 10/22/2013
2:00PM EDT 10/22/2013
Church & Ministry
Sheet Music
What's Wrong With Contemporary Worship?

There's a gaping hole in Christian music today. Find out what we're missing and why we need to get back to the heart of worship.

8:00AM EDT 10/23/2013
When God Doesn't Answer Mike Bickle: How I Overcame a Boring Prayer Life
A Mom's Prayer Can Change Her Child's Future When Loss Launches Your Destiny
Going to War Over Your Life's Prophetic Promises Rick Warren's 'The Daniel Plan' Details Biblical Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle
It's Pastor Appreciation Time!
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