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Thursday, September 26, 2013
How to Encourage Yourself in the Lord

All of us face difficulties in our lives. But we can have victory over them if we keep our eyes on God.

How to Open the Windows of Heaven

God wants to make the people of the earth jealous for His presence. Learn how you can be a part of a people who live a lifestyle under an open heaven that arouses a hunger for Him.

2:30PM EDT 9/23/2013
Spiritual Warfare
How to Pray With Prophetic Power

Knowing how and when to apply a specific prayer strategy can make a difference in a situation's outcome. But why are some prayers seemingly more in tune with the will and timing of God than others? We tell you. 

Spiritual Growth
How Do I Know When God Is Speaking?

God wants you to know His will. But for Him to reveal it to you, there has to be an open line of communication. Take these steps to make sure there's no interference.

12:00PM EDT 9/23/2013
10:30AM EDT 9/24/2013
Fire in My Bones
Four Fatal Flaws That Ruin Ministries

Our movement began unraveling a few years ago because of flawed leadership. We will not recover until we clean up our act.

9:16AM EDT 9/25/2013
Have Revival in Your Heart Something Is About to Change
Jentezen Franklin: Restore Your Passion for God How Does God Feel?
God Sees You When You're Hidden Don't Get Trapped in the Sin of Prayerlessness
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