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Thursday, September 19, 2013
4 Keys to How God Brings Transition
woman climbing mountain

No matter what kind of transition you are involved in presently, stepping into your new season takes time, patience and preparation.

Yoars Truly
Meet the Greatest Evangelist Ever

Amid a national push to share the gospel this fall, let's remember who the real evangelist is.

10:00AM EDT 9/18/2013
God Hasn't Forgotten How to Provide

If God owns it all, why do so many Christians find themselves lacking? Here's how to experience the miracle of supernatural abundance from your heavenly Father--and what that really means.

The Strang Report
Calvary Assembly in Winter Park, Fla.
Despite Rumors, Calvary Assembly Megachurch Is Not for Sale

Calvary Assembly in Winter Park, Fla., once thrived as a great megachurch, but the congregation has dwindled to less than 700. Officials and members are believing God for a miraculous turnaround.

8:50AM EDT 9/16/2013
5:30PM EDT 9/16/2013
How to Claim Your Place as a King's Daughter

We come into the kingdom as we are, but God's plan is to transform us into the women we are destined to be--the woman we want to be. Start your journey to becoming the woman God has called you to be.

11:00AM EDT 9/18/2013
Are You Willing to Pay the Price for Anointing? I'm Glad Miss America Is Indian-American
Preach It, Sister! Ron Cantor: Televangelists Abusing the 'Day of Atonement'
How the Global Shift Changes the American Church Are You Glorifying God With Your Body?
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