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Thursday, August 29, 2013
4 Keys to Deep Worship
woman worshipping

In order to experience worship in spirit and truth, we must surrender our hearts completely to the lordship of Christ.

Fire in My Bones
Please Don't Fake the Anointing!

Many Christians today can't distinguish between the sweat of the flesh and the dew of heaven.

8:00AM EDT 8/28/2013
Yoars Truly
Are You Really A Christian If You Don't Face Persecution?

If you follow Christ, you will be persecuted. Period. So what happens if we're not being persecuted now? Does that mean we're not really following Christ?

Prophetic Insight
Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets: We Must Go to a New Level of Listening, Discerning and Seeing

For those who are hungry, for those who are diligent to listen and willing to obey, Dutch Sheets says there is increase available to you. 

12:00PM EDT 8/27/2013
9:43AM EDT 8/27/2013
Evangelism & Missions
God Pours Out Miracle Healings in Zambian Villages

Nurses with OM Lake Tanganyika have discovered a new kind of medicine. It's so powerful that for the present time they are leaving all other conventional medicine behind when they go on medical outreach trips.

4:17PM EDT 8/27/2013
When Other People's Choices Hurt You Why Singing Isn't Enough
Developing a Spiritual Connection Between China and Israel Al-Jazeera America Features Anti-Israel Author in Debut
Kathryn Kuhlman: How to Overcome Temptation 'It's a Sin, But I'm Not Against It'
Why do bad things happen?
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