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Thursday, July 25, 2013
Lack of Fire: The True Crisis in the Contemporary Charismatic Church

We have gotten so far away from the real power of Pentecost that many of our people don't even speak in tongues--or if they once did, they hardly do anymore. What has happened to the modern charismatic church?

3 Ways to Kill a Relationship

You can shut down a relationship with these three qualities. Joyce Meyer tells us how to be free to enjoy people.

7:00AM EDT 7/24/2013
Prophetic Insight
Interpreting Your Prophetic Revelation

Before you can interpret your dreams and visions properly or intercede effectively from the posture of revelation, you must understand the language of that revelation. James Goll explains.

Fire in My Bones
6 Steps Out of Your Religious Box

Almost all ministry in the book of Acts occurred outside a church meeting. So why do we hide our message in a building? J. Lee Grady gives ways we can step out of our religious box. 

9:14AM EDT 7/23/2013
10:52AM EDT 7/24/2013
Spiritual Growth
The Benefits of a Fasted Life

Fasting releases supernatural joy when our sights are set on the benefits. The following are some of the main benefits of a fasted lifestyle.

1:01PM EDT 7/23/2013
Tips for Confessing Sin One to Another How to Stop Offense
How Praise Brings Miracles Tony Evans Urges Racial Reconciliation in Zimmerman Verdict Aftermath
Learn to Discern Authentic Revival Never Resist the Convicting Fire of the Holy Spirit
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