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Thursday, July 18, 2013
The Zimmerman Verdict: A Godly Response

The verdict in the Zimmerman trial has come down, and the fallout has begun. R. Loren Sandford explains where the church can go from here.

How Christians Should Respond to the Zimmerman Verdict

A pastor in Sanford, Fla., who has been working behind the scenes of the George Zimmerman case advises Christians on how to react after Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

12:05PM EDT 7/15/2013
Spiritual Growth
God Isn't Looking for Performance But for True Worship

Kari Jobe explains why God isn't looking for performance but for true worship in response to His love.

Marvin Sapp Speaks About Rebuke in Response to Pastor's 'Hissy Fit' Sermon

A video recently went viral of a pastor rebuking church members who had fallen asleep during his sermon. Last week pastor and gospel recording artist Marvin Sapp responded to the sermon. Find out what he said.

10:00AM EDT 7/16/2013
3:30PM EDT 7/15/2013
The Spirit of Tolerance, Post-Christian America and the Laodicean Church

We're dangerously close to a crash-and-burn reality. Will the church wake up and speak out with boldness? Larry Tomczak discusses.

3:33PM EDT 7/15/2013
What to Do When You've Been Wronged How God Is Breaking Walls of Racism-in Europe
Israeli Church Turns Curse Into Blessing Sanford, Fla., Pastors Call for Racial Reconciliation Over Trayvon Martin's Death
Promise Keepers Keeping Its Promise to Disciple Men Mike Bickle: Become Passionate for Christ
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