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Thursday, July 4, 2013
Top 10 Rudest Things People Do in Church

Lots of things annoy churchgoers today. But J. Lee Grady says we should be most concerned about what God considers rude. Do you offend God?

Prophetic Insight
I Am Reordering Your Path So You Can Finish the Race!

After explosions in both Boston and West, Texas, the Spirit of the Lord began to speak about the "race" we are running. Chuck Pierce and other prophetic voices share what they heard from the Lord. 

8:51AM EDT 7/2/2013
Spiritual Growth
Warning: Sugar-Coated 'Ear Candy' Gospel is Weakening Saints

The prince of the air is propagating all manner of immorality over mass media and spreading heresy in the church. Despite this darkness, we still must believe for a revival. Here's how to prepare for this outpouring.

Church & Ministry
12 of the Biggest Lies You Might Hear From Christians

Here are 12 lies that Christians tell. Have you ever said these? 

8:59AM EDT 7/1/2013
11:58AM EDT 7/3/2013
Playing Candy Crush Saga While America Burns

While our country is spinning out of control in a deadly spiral, plunging rapidly into moral and spiritual anarchy, God's people are wasting hours a day playing silly games. Are we piddling our time away while America burns?

9:58AM EDT 7/1/2013
Did Rachel Held Evans Capitulate to Culture? The Call to Purity for the Prophet
Overcome the Power of Prejudice Benny Hinn Requests Prayers for Ailing Father-in-Law
How Jesus Breaks the Muzzle of Religious Tradition for Women 2 Rules of Life That Cause Your Calling to Find You
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