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Thursday, April 25, 2013
9 Bad Charismatic Habits We Need to Break

While J. Lee Grady loves the Holy Spirit's gifts, he questions our "Spirit-filled" practices. 

Spiritual Warfare
Satan's Weapon of Mass Destruction

Satan will use any open door to gain entrance into our lives. Learn which sin Satan often uses to exploit us, pounce on us and engineer us to do his wish.

3:44PM EDT 4/22/2013
Prophetic Insight
Deliverance From the Idolatry of Emotions

R. Loren Sandford explains how allowing our emotions to lead makes us vulnerable to believing any lie we're told, which affects our moral judgment. Find out what he says is the cure. 

5 Signs He Is Not 'The One'

Are you dating someone right now you think is "the one"? If you see any of these signs, run.

9:12AM EDT 4/23/2013
12:00PM EDT 4/23/2013
The Strang Report
Jonathan Cahn Bears the Good Word for America

Read the supernatural story of how The Harbinger found its way to the nation.

11:00AM EDT 4/23/2013
12 Clear Warnings About Dealing With Fools Reinhard Bonnke Plans Gospel Crusades Across US
John Bevere: How Complaining Halts Your Destiny How to Bear the Fruit of the Spirit
The Difference Between the Orphan Spirit and a Spirit of Sonship Jim Garlow's Wife Passes Away After Six-Year Cancer Battle
A Special Invitation to Dr. Mark Rutland's National Institute of Christian Leadership
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