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Thursday, February 7, 2013
Sex Symbols Who Speak in Tongues?
I was at the grocery store the other day when I was unexpectedly confronted with an adult-oriented magazine located right next to the vitamin section.
Prophetic Insight
Are We Making Superheroes Out of Modern Prophets?
Recently I attended a large meeting led by two of the most well known leaders in the current renewal movement. Good men!
10:00AM EST 2/5/2013
Fire in My Bones
The Secret of Becoming a Prophetic Preacher
What we need in today’s pulpits is less glitz and polish and more gut-level honesty.

Ever since God called me to preach, I’ve battled with deep insecurity about my delivery style.
When Your Child Makes a Fatal Choice
My son's desperate act changed our family's future. But God, in His mercy, brought redemption when our former dreams died.
8:12AM EST 2/6/2013
12:00PM EST 2/5/2013
25 Characteristics of a Husband Who Truly Loves His Wife
1. Includes his wife in envisioning the future.

2. Accepts spiritual responsibility for his family.

3. Is willing to say "I'm sorry" and "Forgive me" to his family.

11:00AM EST 2/6/2013
Assemblies of God's George O. Wood Speaks Out on Boy Scouts Gay Ban
Poll: Most Americans Say Boy Scouts Should Drop Gay Ban
Prosecutors Seek Life Sentence for Ohio Amish Sect Leader
Boy Scouts Of America Delays Vote on Ending Ban on Gays
Jonathan Cahn's Unapologetic Prophetic Message to America Goes Viral
Will Pentagon Give Benefits to Gay Military Spouses?
Did Gun Control Prevent Jews From Stopping the Holocaust?
British PM's Party Splits as First Gay Marriage Vote Passes
Chinese Toddler Killed as Family Planning Officials Confront Parents
Vatican Official Thanks Media for Uncovering Church Abuse
Lausanne Movement Names Michael Oh CEO
Britain's Cameron Faces Gay Marriage Revolt as Plots Swirl
When Do Christian-Bashers Begin 'Sensitivity Training'?
Gay Leadership Would Threaten Boy Scouts' Future
My Sons Are Boy Scouts ... For Now
Franklin Graham: Only One Solution to End Violence
Exposing the Real Charismatic Church Crisis
Mr. President, Now Is the Time to Withdraw Hagel Nomination
Illinois Starts Push to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage by Valentine's Day
Abortion Pill Mandate 'Exceptions' Leave Seniors in the Cold
'Fetal Heartbeat' Law to Ban Most Abortions in Arkansas
Hagel Record on Israel: ‘Cause for Concern’
Kerry Likely to Move Cautiously on Middle East Peace
Giffords Seeks 'Bold' Action As Congress Takes Up Gun Control
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