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Thursday, January 31, 2013
6 Gender Myths in the Church
What part of Galatians 3:28 don’t we understand?

This past weekend I had the honor of sharing the pulpit with my oldest daughter, Margaret, who serves as an associate pastor at a Christian college in Georgia.
Prophetic Insight
A Prophetic Word for 2013: Make A Decision and Commitment for Christ
It's from the place of mature love the greater works flow. Then what is seen in our sanctified imagination we speak according to the will of the Father, bringing "on earth as it is in Heaven" into the natural realm.
9:34AM EST 1/29/2013
Spiritual Growth
8 Signs You Have Toxic Faith
Legalistic religion is dangerous. Here's how you can detect and avoid the poison of a religious spirit. Take our test by examining these eight characteristics of a religious spirit.

Is Your Child a Prophet in the Making?
Watching a child's spiritual development is rewarding. Here's what you should know if your youngster displays a prophetic gift.

Do you have a prophetic child? I empathize!
1:30PM EST 1/28/2013
9:00AM EST 1/29/2013
Gay Rights Activists Can't Put the Church in the Closet
There are many people today who despise conservative religious beliefs, but they are quick to say, “We don’t want to restrict your religious freedoms in any way. Just keep your beliefs in the church.
11:37AM EST 1/28/2013
Pro-Life Group Sues Oklahoma State University for Censoring Students
Activist Group Falsely Labels Christian Schools 'Anti-Gay'
Orthodox Jewish Revival Opens Niche for Yiddish News
Surviving Obamacare: Weathering Its Coming Impact
Hurricane Sandy Victims Open to Gospel Message
Gay Agenda Loses Nudity Battle in San Francisco
Samaritan's Purse Sends Emergency Relief to Mozambique
Egyptian Aide Slams Holocaust as Hoax
Missionaries Battle Prince of Darkness in Guatemala
What Can We Learn From the Nightclub Fire That Killed 231 People?
Persecuted Pastor Facing 'Hell on Earth' in Iranian Prison
Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Apologizes for Publishing 'Grotesque' Anti-Semitic Cartoon
David Lamb: Is God Really ‘Angry, Sexist and Racist’?
Boy Scouts: Social Justice Demands Protection of Children
6 Gender Myths in the Church
Hardness of Heart and the Celebration of Abortion
Will the Gay Agenda Destroy the Boy Scouts?
Why Gay Kiss-Ins Will Never Sway Anyone’s View
Arkansas Senate OKs Guns in Churches
Evangelical Leaders Sound Off on Immigration Reform
Lawyers in US Gay Marriage Cases Aim Pitches at Obama
NM Bill Would Label Abortion After Rape 'Evidence Tampering’
Gay Marriage Bill Wins in Rhode Island House
Wisconsin Ruling Divorces Marriage From True Meaning
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