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Monday, January 21, 2013
Why I'm Ashamed of the American Church
The gospel in my Bible is dramatically different from that preached in many churches.

I spend most of my time on the mission field in Haiti. Yet when I come to the U. S.
The Plumb Line
Why I Don’t Sell Personal Prophecy and Dream Interpretations
Every week I get at least a handful of digital requests from precious people all over the world desperately seeking a prophetic word. Some come begging. Others come demanding.
11:00AM EST 1/17/2013
What to Do If Your Child Says He's Gay
What do you do if your child comes home one day and announces he or she is gay? This act of self-disclosure presents an incredible challenge for Christian parents, especially in light of the deep chasm between secular thought on homosexuality and the biblical approach.
How Fasting Brings Spiritual Power
More than any other observance, this discipline will sharpen our spiritual senses so that we can tap into our divine source.

Jesus expected His disciples to fast.
10:00AM EST 1/18/2013
9:00AM EST 1/17/2013
Change Your Prayer Habit From ‘Have To’ to ‘Want To’
I guess we all develop weird habits over the years, some of which are completely oblivious to us until pointed out by another party.
4:00PM EST 1/18/2013
Franklin Graham Festival of Hope Reaches Into Thin Air
MGM Plans Ben-Hur Remake
Winter Jam Launches With Sellout Shows
Billy Graham’s ‘My Hope’ Training Accelerates Nationwide
Liberty Students Provide Relief in Hurricane Sandy Aftermath
Survey: Most SBC Pastors Not Prepared to Die
Leprosy Church in Asia: A Joy Beyond Rejection
Assassination Plot Against Turkish Pastor Busted
Oscar Winner Calls Church of Scientology a 'Cult'
Egyptian Court Gives Family 15 Years in Prison for Converting to Christianity
Christians and 'Infidels' Targets of Algerian Terrorists
German Catholic Church Shuts Priest Sex-Abuse Hotline
Why God Is Moving in Other Nations But Not in America
Franklin Graham: The Light of the Gospel in Dark Days
What Africans Prayed Last Week for America
Why Kingdom Leadership Is In and Church Leadership Is Out
Tony Perkins: Obama Is No Champion of Religious Freedom
Amid Persecution, What's to Celebrate on Religious Freedom Day?
Gay-Affirming Episcopal Pastor to Replace Giglio at Inauguration
Obama Unveils Biggest Gun-Control Push in Decades
Obama's Alleged Netanyahu Criticism Enlivens Israeli Election
Myrlie Evers-Williams: Inauguration Timing Is a 'Miracle'
NJ Gov. Chris Christie Likely 'More Ready' for President in 2016
Could String of Lawsuits Unravel Obamacare?
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