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Thursday, December 27, 2012
There Would Be No Christmas Without the Holy Spirit

J. Lee Grady shares how the birth of Jesus was a Spirit-filled event. He explains how to make your Christmas filled with the Spirit, too.

Prophetic Insight
Be Free of Satan's False Accusations in 2013

The accuser of the brethren will attempt to falsely accuse you, as well as your relationship with God. Sandie Freed offers insight into how to shut the door on Satan's lies in 2013.

10:41AM EST 12/26/2012
Spiritual Growth
What to Do When God Says No

 Bible teacher Perry Stone shares a life-changing revelation for anyone who feels like God continually closes doors you wish He’d open.

How to Receive Your Spiritual Inheritance Through Your Leaders

Your spiritual inheritance is connected to your relationship with your spiritual leaders. Learn how you can claim the treasure of God's inheritance for your life.

11:00AM EST 12/24/2012
4:00PM EST 12/24/2012
Bible Study
Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis explains how and why Scripture’s theophanies offer more than just head knowledge about Christ

2:00PM EST 12/24/2012
Judge Says Oklahoma Can End Planned Parenthood Contract
Chinese Police Bust Trafficking Rings, Rescue 89 Children
Wisconsin Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Domestic Registry
Ninth Circut Court of Appeals Blocks California's Ban on Change Therapy
The Political, Social, and Personal Effects of the Incarnation of Christ
Bookstore of 'Apostolic Proportions' to Carry 1,000 Missions Titles
Egypt's contentious Islamist Constitution Becomes Law
Pakistan’s Loneliest Church Celebrates Christmas in Taliban territory
Cameroon Archbishop Calls Same-Sex Marriage Crime Against Humanity
2012: Boko Haram's Bloodiest Christian Persecution Campaign
Radical Islamists Suspected of Killing at Least 12 Christians During Church
Christmas Brings Fear of Church Bombs in Nigeria
Jesus Is the Reason for the Season
6 Scriptures to Pray for Newtown Families
Nation Rising Against Nation: Are These the Last Days?
Why Violent Video Game Manufacturers Are in Denial
Obama Is TIME's 2012 Person of the Year: What This Really Means
What If December 21 Really Is the End of the World?
Conservative Leaders' Open Letter to House, Senate Republicans
Sen. Jim DeMint Resigns to Run Conservative Group
White House, Congress Talk as 'Fiscal Cliff' Nears
Rick Warren: Obamacare Mandate 'Dead Wrong'
Obama, Romney to Meet at White House Thursday
Can Hillary Clinton Bring Peace to the Middle East?
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