Issue 4 July 2013
Passio Newsletter

Stop Living in a Pseudo Sense of Control

Unfortunately, we are naturally drawn into the noisey distractions surrounding our daily lives. Rather than listening to the quiet whisper of God, we tend to fill our lives with overwhelming noise that we believe we control and decide over. Instead we are drowning in the distraction that breeds fear, doubt, and eventually death. Eric Samuel Timm exposes these distractions and gives us insight on how to master the noise so that we can direct, dictate, decide, and live a life with God in clarity.

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Questions Are OK

We all know that life is not easy and that there may be times that we question God. If you have ever asked God, "Why...?" this book will help you discover God's mysterious ways in a new delightful way to gain understanding and a deeper relationship with Him.

Coming October 2013. Pre-Order Today

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God Is so Much Different Than We Imagine

We all wonder who God really is at some time in our lives. Billy Humphrey explores this question by revealing God's nature in all of life's institutions, such as marriage, parenting, and money. In these channels of life we encounter God in such a way that makes life not only meaningful, but also brings us into a closer relationship with God and knowing who He is.

christian amazon barnes and noble
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Faith Prayer

Lost Trust

Faith and trust are two different gifts that we must grab hold of. Faith is confidence in God; trust is a commitment to remain sure of His love for us no matter what circumstances may come. These two are different, but I have found that they thrive off each other.

Pursuing God and His Purposes for Your Life Through Intentional Prayer

The knowledge of God is success. We have languished far too long with our eyes on ourselves operating from a human center, looking for measurable results.

Mission Spiritual Formation

Taking on Flesh

Becoming flesh. Putting on skin. Wrapping elusive truth with cartilage and muscle, tendons, and veins. This is the Christian faith's grandest enigma and wonder.

The Danger of Denial

One of the greatest strategies of sin in our lives is denial. In the stages of grief denial is listed as part of the process of overcoming a tragic and life-altering situation.