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Thursday, August 14, 2014
7 Ways Your Church Can Project the Message 'You're Not Welcome'
Church sign

Whether it's unintentional or not, here are some things that can repel visitors away from your doors.

Are your worship team's rehearsals closed to the general congregation?
Worship Leaders: Why the Rehearsal Door Should Be Kept Shut

Here's why media consultant Phil Cooke thinks it's a mistake to allow the congregation to watch and listen to the worship team rehearse.

9:00AM EDT 8/12/2014
Lightbulb ministry
Is Your Ministry a Laser or a Light Bulb?

Does your ministry have a singular, obsessive focus? Does that one thing match the one thing Jesus gave his disciples?

Dog Days of August
How to Make Your Ministry Thrive Through Dry Spells

Have the dog days of August got you feeling a bit lethargic or discouraged? Here are some things for ministry leaders to remember when you're feeling physically and emotionally fatigued.

12:00PM EDT 8/12/2014
3:00PM EDT 8/12/2014
Pastor preaching
3 Ways to Address Challenging and Sensitive Subjects in the Pulpit

What is your ultimate goal when you tackle cultural issues of the day? Or is that something you ignore altogether?

12:00PM EDT 8/13/2014
Small Group Involvement Can Change Lives
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