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Thursday, April 24, 2014
7 Warning Signs Before Leadership Failure
Bishop Joseph Mattera

Most leaders have fallen into these in one way, shape or form. Have you learned the hard leadership lessons of life so you can pass on wisdom to the next generation?

Personal Character
Pastor authority
10 Mistakes Pastors Make When Turning Sermons Into Books

If you're thinking about converting one of your sermons to book form, here are some things to strongly consider.

12:00PM EDT 4/23/2014
Pastor dynamics
3 Levels of Dynamic Preaching

Great preaching doesn't stay on one level. Find out why it is vocally dynamic.

Moses and Joshua
What Moses Teaches Us About Mentoring

Are you involved in a mutually beneficial mentoring/student relationship? What is holding you back?

9:00AM EDT 4/23/2014
9:00AM EDT 4/22/2014
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Personal Character
Fed up pastor
Are You Unhappy in Your Present Place of Ministry?

Here are four reminders for you if things aren't working out the way you had hoped or planned.

3:00PM EDT 4/23/2014
Are You Unhappy in Your Present Place of Ministry? Brad Lomenick: Great Leaders Are Committed to the Insignificant
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