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Thursday, March 13, 2014
John Burke: 'Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church'
Lesbians holding hands

Jesus isn't shocked by anything that we do. Why should we be, if we're supposedly walking in the same love Jesus has for us?

Dr. Bob Rhoden
Do You See What God Sees?

Are you a visionary? Do you agree that every minister should be a visionary?

9:00AM EDT 3/12/2014
Word of God
7 Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Memorize Scripture

What obstacles to memorization do you face? More importantly, what strategies have you found effective?

Building a house
Evangelism: From Crusades to Soup Kitchens

Find out why these five methods of evangelism have produced verifiable results.

3:00PM EDT 3/12/2014
9:00AM EDT 3/11/2014
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Black pastor
Sherman Cox: Nonconventional Preaching

To the worldly minded, some aspects of the gospel of Christ may not make sense. Do you preach an uncompromised gospel?

12:00PM EDT 3/12/2014
Stressing the Importance of Family Ministry
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